The Christmas season is all about having hope in Jesus’ mercy and love. God’s people hoped and prayed for a Savior. The Israelites believed the Messiah would be a gallant leader who would rid Judea of Rome’s tyranny. Hope is powerful although the things we hope for don’t always turn out the way we imagine. Their Messiah came into the world in the most unlikely way, without fanfare or worldly riches. He was born in a manger since there was no room for him in the inn.

Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph, were hardworking and faithful. They seemed like an average Jewish couple, but they were so much more than that. Joseph and Mary taught Jesus what it means to be a man. Literally, the weight of the world was resting on their shoulders or more accurately resting beside them in a manger. Imagine knowing that you are raising the Son of God. You are praying and hoping you could teach him something, and believing that God’s plan would unfold in the tiny newborn, swaddled in a manger. I can’t imagine how Mary and Joseph must have felt.

Just like Mary and Joseph, our moms are faced with mountainous obstacles that seem impossible to climb. Instead of giving up hope, they persevere even when nothing goes according to plan. When everything they hope for falls apart, our moms never give up hope. I see such amazing strength within each mom who walks through our doors. I am inspired by our moms to never stop trying no matter the struggles I face. Our moms battle addiction, accept the loss of familial support, and have been homeless. Can you imagine going through this while discovering you are pregnant? That’s what our moms go through.

It’s not easy having hope in challenging times. It’s almost impossible, but it can be done with patience and perseverance. Our moms continue to face struggles that I could never imagine handling myself. They get up every morning and conquer the day all because they have a hope and a dream for their children. Hope can be so many different things. It’s picking up the phone and calling Maggie’s Place. It’s putting the needs of your baby before your own. It’s deciding to leave your past behind in order to move forward. Hope is never giving up no matter the challenge.

The Israelites hoped for a Savior and although not completely apparent at first to some, their prayers were answered with the birth of Jesus Christ. Mary and Joseph were obedient to God’s words even though they had no assurances of an easy life for themselves or their newborn son. Similarly, Maggie’s Place moms enter the home with the hope of a new future. Throughout the Christmas season, we will celebrate the birth of Christ and God’s hope for the world.


By Katie Hopkins, a MissionCorps member