I just want to say thank you for helping give my child a wonderful holiday.
– Maggie’s Place alumnae mom in response to last year’s Christmas

751Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Maggie’s Place current and alumnae families will have gifts to open under their tree. This year almost 200 families were adopted in Ohio and Arizona and our crew has been working since July to ensure that over 1,500 donated gifts will be distributed this Christmas, a feat that wouldn’t be possible without hundreds of donors and volunteers.

A Merry Christmas for So Many!
The Maggie’s Place community traditionally celebrates Christmas with a large family-style dinner. Last year, 20 turkeys, several baked hams and hundreds of Christmas cookies were donated and prepared by volunteers. Santa also stopped by for a visit.  This December, over 500 people are expected to attend.

Our homes are preparing for Christmas in quiet ways as well. Moms and MissionCorps members are recalling the birth of Christ with an Advent reflection read at weekly community nights. The homes will also be participating in a volunteer service project this month to give back to the community.

We still need your help!
There are many ways to support our guests as the holidays draw near.