Thank you so much for giving of your time, talent, and treasures to the moms and babies that call Maggie’s Place home. You’ve made a difference in their lives with your thoughtful presence.

Everything from bringing a meal to one of our homes, doing house coverage, joining us for a Serve Saturday and anything in between is a vital part in carrying out our mission of hospitality!

Love rocks and so do you!

We wanted to share one volunteer’s experience at a Serve Saturday with you:

“This was my first Serve Saturday at Maggie’s Place, and it was an amazing experience! I was blown away with the organization and work ethic of everyone who was there. Tasks and chores were doled out according to preference until they were all done. I got to spend most of the day washing cars, and then I helped grill the hot dogs for the potluck. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the moms and MissionCorps members… and of course with the babies! Getting to feed one baby boy and rock him to sleep was easily the highlight of my day.

I was quite taken aback by the unique dynamic of Maggie’s Place. Every single person in that house was working, and working hard! It was contagious. Even the moms who had given birth only weeks before were doing jobs that could be done from the couch. No one complained. No one argued. No one even stopped, at least not until the work was done. I’ve been to a lot of places for community service, and I’ve always felt like there was this awkward distance between those doing the serving and those being served. At Maggie’s Place, I didn’t really ever feel like I was serving anyone. It was more like I was simply participating in the community there.

I cannot wait until my next trip to Maggie’s Place. I have so much to learn from them. ”


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