It’s already Advent, and we are just a few weeks away from one of the biggest days of the year.  At Maggie’s Place, we’ve been preparing for Christmas since July.  It is a busy, but beautiful time of year where we gather to celebrate not only our Maggie’s Place family, but also the birth of Christ.

But that doesn’t mean the work stops.  Several new moms have recently moved into our homes, requiring extra attention and care from our MissionCorps members.  Problems like homelessness, addictions, and broken relationships don’t disappear when we hang up the icicle lights. This preparation time, this Advent, is still difficult – but that’s why we can wait with such hope!

Below is a moving statement, penned by one of our alumnae staff members, describing the hope of the coming Christ in a way that is so relevant to the way we seek to love at Maggie’s Place:

“Christmas is about so many things for so many people, but originally it was about God getting involved in our mess. So often we think or say, ‘It’s not my problem.’ We use this as the excuse not to get involved in other people’s mess. God could have used the same excuse, but He didn’t. Instead he placed himself as a child in a dirty manger, right in the middle of our colossal mess. And, don’t be afraid to invite God into your personal mess this Christmas, whatever it may be…bad habits, tough relationships, an addiction… Whatever your mess is, invite God into it.”

Nothing is impossible with God.  Together, let us invite God into our “messes” and prepare for his coming, which makes all things new.

-Kristi, Director of Communications