Family Success Center

Maggie’s Place assists young mothers with building protective factors that moderate the impact of past and future negative experiences by equipping them with the information, skills and resources needed to strengthen their emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing.

Residents are welcomed into a house – inhabited by a community of staff and fellow mothers that work together to achieve their goals of independence and stability. Maggie’s Place services address all the needs of a homeless mother.

Our clients reach greater stability and independence through:

  • Assessment of needs from the moment they contact our agency
  • Immediate stabilization in a clean, safe living environment
  • Creating a specific Individual Success Plan with their Family Coach
    that addresses current and potential future barriers to reaching their goals
  • Support in enrolling in public assistance
  • Evidence-based parenting classes
  • Life skills classes that address the skills necessary for independent living and the non-cognitive skills essential for managing the stress of parenthood
  • Creating a transition plan with their Family Coach outlining the projected date and individualized steps necessary for each participant to transition to independent living