“Are there any babies yet?”

This has been an everyday question at our home for the past five months! Since October, we have not had a single baby at our house because four of our moms are due in April and the rest are due even later. We have been playing the waiting game for 163 days!

For five months, the house has been quiet and the cribs have been empty, but finally the April “Baby Boom” has arrived! The wait is almost over for most of our moms. On April 1st, we had our first baby girl born since the fall. On April 5th, our second baby (another girl!) was delivered. Two more moms are due this month: one the 15th and another on the 18th. Soon, our quiet home will be bustling with the activities, cries, and smiles that four new babies will bring.

Although every pregnancy involves a period of waiting and preparing for new life, this normal 9 month period of waiting has been especially accentuated at our house. Without having other babies to distract us, the moms and MissionCorps alike have felt the days slowly pass as we wait for the due dates to arrive. Regardless, the “Baby Boom” has begun and two babies have been born since April 1st! All of us agree that it is well worth the wait!

Here are some of our moms’ thoughts about their new babies and their babies on the way:

Mom #1 (gave birth on April 1st): “Having my baby here feels amazing and incredible. I feel like a different person. I feel like I can do anything because I have a baby and I delivered her naturally. I went through that pain, and now I know I can go through any other type of pain in my life. My baby has made me stronger. My dream for my daughter is that she grows up to be a very strong person. It is my hope that she allows good people into her heart and that she is accepting of everyone for who they are.”

Mom #2 (gave birth on April 5th): “The best part about having children is the first look that they give you when they are born… it is very emotional. You are just in love immediately! I hope that my daughter grows up to be someone positive in her community- someone who knows herself and is happy with herself. I hope she knows that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to with hard work and dedication.”

Mom #3 (due April 15th): “My pregnancy went by really fast for the last four months. Now that it is crunch time and I am getting closer to my due date I don’t know how much longer I can wait! I would not be unhappy if he came today because I am so excited to meet my baby. One of my dreams for my son is to be able to help him though school and watch him learn and grow. I am looking forward to seeing what he is interested in and how quickly he learns.”

Mom #4 (due on April 18th): “It has been a long, exciting process but I am just so glad that I get to see her soon. It has been a waiting game for me and that part has been hard. Now that we are getting more babies in the house, it is becoming more real. I’m nervous and of course I am excited. I want to be the best mother I can be for her. I want her to be happy and I want her to do what she loves.”

Mom # 5 (due September 20th): “It has been exciting waiting for my baby! I feel like September is so far away. I say that now and before I know it, my baby will be here! I have a lot of dreams for my baby. I want my child to finish high school, to have a good job, to be successful, and to be happy.”


By Gretchen Smith, a MissionCorps member