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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • A small hesitation that many new moms and Mission Corps have about living at Maggie’s Place is the challenge of sharing a house with so many other women. I grew up as the oldest of 8 children, 7 of whom are female, so in some ways, I was prepared. We strive to create an environment […]

  • Maria stumbles through the door with a heavy car seat. Her baby girl, whom she just picked up from daycare, is crying out of hunger. Maria is exhausted from a hard day’s work, but proceeds to do her chore, feed and change her baby, wash the bottles, and somehow hold a personable conversation with me. […]

  • Fear, triumph, trust, compassion, victory, failure, births, sobriety. Maggie’s Place is full of lots of hard, lots of messy things. Amidst it all, one thing is overwhelmingly true for life at Maggie’s Place: the call to encounter each other in every circumstance. I wasn’t expecting how difficult it would be not to shy away from […]

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