Stewards of Hope Giving Society

The Maggie’s Place Tax ID # is 86-0972675

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As an independent, non-profit organization, Maggie’s Place counts on the generosity of our donors to help us provide our life-changing services for moms and their babies. Your donation means so much!

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One night of safe & secure shelter for mom and baby

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One month of electricity for two of our homes

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Seven packs of Diapers


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Eight week parenting class for 12 moms

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One month of counseling sessions for mom

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One month of bus passes for 50 moms

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One month of fresh groceries for one maternity home

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5 scholarships for school or job readiness programs

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Make a one-time Annual Fund Donation

Join our Stewards of Hope Society today and be a part of a community of like-minded people who help women build a better life for themselves and their children.

Join the Stewards of Hope Leadership Circle

Join an exceptional group of leaders who support Maggie’s Place with an investment of $1,000 per year. This group provides leadership by assisting Maggie’s Place in providing Outreach Services imbued with a sense of dignity and learning atmosphere. For questions or to learn more, contact Laurel Petsas at 602-596-4991.

Workplace Giving

Check out what your company offers! Matching gifts and workplace giving programs can double or triple your donation!

Our United Way Designation Code is 1305