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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • The MissionCorps of Maggie’s Place begin and end the day with the mantra “Divine Providence can provide. Divine Providence did provide. Divine Providence will provide.” We say this as a reminder of the radical trust in God that is required to do our job. We can say this, we can have this trust, because time […]

  • Life in community with mothers, though not a physical mother myself, has opened my eyes to the beauty, pain, joy, and deep love manifest in motherhood. God entrusts to each mother something so precious, so weak, so perfect: a baby. This child longs for communion with her mother. She knows her mother by scent, by […]

  • Maggie’s Place operates on a set of core values: love, hospitality, community, and excellence. These values aren’t easy. In fact, they’re radical. But radicality doesn’t entail impossibility. It just means we need grace. As we inch closer to our 17 year anniversary on May 13, we’re celebrating some of the initial “yeses” that created Maggie’s […]

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