The MissionCorps of Maggie’s Place begin and end the day with the mantra “Divine Providence can provide. Divine Providence did provide. Divine Providence will provide.” We say this as a reminder of the radical trust in God that is required to do our job. We can say this, we can have this trust, because time and time again, we see it. We see God providing in big ways and in small.

This providing doesn’t always look the same though. Some days it looks like the humidifier a mom asked for coming in donations a week later. Other days it looks like the perfect day off, where we are restored, renewed and refreshed. But mostly, I see God providing constantly in my fellow MissionCorps.

Right now, there are 15 MissionCorps. Fifteen women who have given up a year or more of their lives, in service to God and His people. Fifteen women of all backgrounds, with all different kind of life experiences, skill sets, and talents, coming together to live a life set apart, a life counter to our culture. That’s fourteen other women for me to learn from, to grow with, to laugh and to love with.

It is through these MissionCorps, and the relationships that I have formed with them that I have seen Divine Providence at work. When I am reaching the end of my patience and understanding, I find my teammates standing by, ready to refresh me. When I have no idea what to do, I find another MissionCorps, who has been there before. When I feel as if I am about to explode, they are there to listen. When I am hopelessly tired at the end of a long day, they are there to laugh off everything the day brought. When I just need a hug, I find arms ready.

There is no relationship quite like that between MissionCorps. We are beside each other for the best and worst moments in each other’s lives. We make up for each other’s gaps and deficits. We celebrate and cry with each other. We co-parent! We sleep in the same room, for a few months, or maybe even only one night a week, and yet an unspeakable bond is formed.

I am in awe of my fellow MissionCorps each and every day. Their gifts and talents astound me. Their ability to love and serve through every circumstance gives me hope. As we begin the transition of new MissionCorps coming in, and old MissionCorps leaving, I want to say thank you. For the memories formed, for the lessons learned and the love shared.

By Keara King, a MissionCorps

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