Are you up for the challenge of love, service, compassion and babies? If so, MissionCorps might be for you.
At Maggie’s Place, it is the MissionCorps members that serve our moms and babies in each of our homes. They generally spend a year helping mothers and babies, along with helping in the home and creating a community within that home. We are currently accepting applications for a year or for summer service.
What’s the job exactly? First off, believe in the mission of Maggie’s Place and the core values. What’s our mission? Simply put, our mission is to provide homes and ongoing support for pregnant and parenting women. We help them reach goals and welcome them into homes filled with love and dignity. Our core values include love, hospitality, community and excellence. Out underlying principle is that we are responsible to and for one another.maggies missioncorps
MissionCorps members should be physically and mentally healthy and able to lift 30 lbs, hold babies, respond to emergencies in the homes and drive a car. They must be 21-years-old with a college degree or equivalent life experience.  Training, of course, is provided.
Members live in the homes with moms and babies for one full year with the option to recommit. They provide daytime and overnight coverage, answer phones, welcome visitors, lead tours and provide support and accountability to moms. They also transport and aid moms with their needs which include community functions, house retreats, weekly house meetings and responding on the spot.
It’s not an easy job but it is a most fulfilling one. It is a position that will stretch your limits, break and mend your heart, fill you with joy and personal growth. Benefits include room/board, health insurance, a monthly stipend, and more. 

Learn about deadlines, the beauty of service, and more at #loveliveshere #loverocks