Love rocks at Maggie’s Place in a special way. As a new MissionCorps at Maggie’s Place, I was surprised to learn that, no matter how much love I give, even more is returned. Love is the fuel and driving force behind every new day.

This Easter season, I have been thinking a lot about how much love we owe each other because of what Jesus did for each one of us in sacrificing His life. Through this love-filled sacrifice, a new life was given to the world and to every person born into the world. I have seen this love and the resulting new life tangibly at Maggie’s Place.

One week ago, I witnessed the miracle of birth: a beautiful baby boy. Since his mom moved into our house at the end of January, we have built a beautiful relationship and grown to love one another. To be at her side during the last weeks of her pregnancy and eagerly anticipate the arrival of her son was such a special experience.

Early Friday morning, she knocked on our door and I drove her into the hospital. I felt myself cringing and holding my breath with each contraction as the pain increased, but no pain could overshadow the treasure wrapped in a soft blanket in the arms of the proud mother. I could hardly see him through my tears, but I could hear him announcing his arrival. As I hugged both mom and baby, I felt the power of love and the hope that it brings.

Love has truly rocked this Easter. I will never forget the miracle that I shared with this Maggie’s Place mother, and the new life that she received. The reality of Easter is new life. I believe that God has a miracle in store for everyone. When love rocks in our hearts, we become the candidates of new life.


By Tanya Wareham, a MissionCorps