Divine Providence did provide, 
Divine Providence does provide, 
Divine Providence will provide.
Maggie’s Place MissionCorps members pray this together every morning and night, and He has not failed to answer us yet.
I’m relatively new on board at Maggie’s Place, and this is my first September with this coupon-cutting crew.  I’ve learned a lot from them throughout the past couple of months (how to wash out and reuse a Ziploc bag, how to make a tasty meal with almost-expired food, and how to recycle almost anything)!
Every September Maggie’s Place takes it one step further.  Two years ago, our account balance dropped so low that we were unable to make payroll.  Our finance committee asked the homes to commit to a nearly impossible emergency budget, and they jumped on board.  Many of the staff and Corps agreed to delay their paycheck until the next month.  Thermostats were set higher, pantries were cleaned out, clothes were line-dried, and one home used candles at night! 
Maggie’s Place found that living simply was a sacrifice that carried with it more than just financial benefits.  It made us take an honest look at what we’ve been given: generous-hearted donors and volunteers, a loving community, and the opportunity to work and serve one another.  We came out realizing we did not earn or deserve what we had.  It was freely given, by God and through you.  Who’d miss the opportunity to appreciate that again?!
We invite you to join us this September!  Read the blog this month for some great ideas and insights on simplicity, then go at it in your own home.  Clean out and give away the clutter in your closet, spend some time offline, or host a donation drive.  Don’t forget to let us know how you’re simplifying!  We’ll share your stories here and on Facebook!