Dear Maggie’s Place Moms,

Did you know that you are the strongest group of women I know? I have watched so many of you come to Maggie’s Place, afraid and unsure, and slowly grow in confidence and trust. Some of you have lost children to miscarriage. Some of you have gone through incredibly difficult pregnancies and births. Others have made the selfless decision to place your child with an adoptive family. Many of you have been kept up all night by your painful contractions, your crying newborn, or even your nagging thoughts – even so, I have seen you put on a smile when the sun comes up and roll out ready to face a brand new day. You have been humble enough to share your life with 10+ women at a time. You have been brave enough to give new life. You are all so strong.

Did you know that your natural talents have blown me away? One of you is an eloquent poet that can write circles around me. One of you makes the most beautiful hand-woven baskets. One of you has seriously impressed me with your culinary knowledge, your hairstyling skills, and your new love of crocheting. Another has taught me all about retail and how to be an approachable salesperson – your ability to sell something to every single person that enters your store is incredible. One of you is such an avid reader and master of words that that you beat us all in Scrabble, every time! Another has not only shared your impressive talent of hula hooping, but hula hoop making! Many other talents are so hidden and humble that we don’t even recognize them yet we feel their effects. Thank you all for sharing your God-given gifts with me and with our community.

Did you know that you are beautiful? I don’t think we hear that enough as women. We are told by society that we have to fit a certain mold, we must look a certain way. Not so! You are all beautiful; you are all worthy of love. Nothing you have done or will do can change that. Your great love for your children is one of the most breathtaking sights I have ever witnessed: the way you talk to them and call them by name while they are still in the womb, the way to look at them as they are falling asleep in your arms. As mothers, you have the most worthwhile job I can think of. You have shown me what it means to live a sacrificial life – to make small daily sacrifices for the good of another. That is just plain beautiful!

If you leave Maggie’s Place knowing nothing else, know this: You are strong. You are talented. You are beautiful. You are loved.


A MissionCorps



By Gretchen Smith, a MissionCorps member