#15 – When you go to answer the door and realize you’re still wearing a cape you found in donations


#7 – When you live with 10 women and realize you get awkward around men


#17 – When you have so many cute scarfs and only one neck and a short winter


#46 – When you answer the phone and the caller can only hear a mom talking about the mess her baby made in their diaper


#1 – When you forget why you walked into a room


#92 – When you didn’t have time to iron your clothes and look disheveled at a special event


#36 – When you’re covered in baby body fluids that you didn’t know could even be that color


#45 – When someone asks for your name and you forget


#2 – When people ask you what you do


#72 – When the moms try to match make you


#54 – When you get overly excited for brand new donated cleaning supplies and underwear


#4 – When the only friendships you’re keeping up with are the people you work with


#94 – When you take the time to get ready and put make-up and everyone loses their minds


#63 – Toilets and constipated pregnant women


#28 – When you run out of coffee (every other week)


#83 – When you practically don’t have personal boundaries with the other MissionCorps


#21 – When you give advice to someone and it doesn’t mean anything until it comes from their counselor


#31 – When visitors ask when you’re due


#66 – When you’re in a deep conversation with a mom about extremely personal anatomy things and then realize there was a male volunteer in the other room who heard the whole thing


#79 – When you forget the new baby’s name and fake it


#59 – When you need to use every ounce of creative juice to cook something from the community food pantry


#25 – When you seriously can’t get off the couch


#13 – When you start looking and talking like each other


#44 – Is it a need or a want




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By Leticia Sanchez, a MissionCorps member