It has been nearly two years since I came to Maggie’s Place to serve as a MissionCorps, and during this time not a single day (or night) has gone by that I haven’t been struck by a mother’s love. It seems to me an almost supernatural ability the mothers have to sacrifice, love and put their every need behind that of their children’s. Being able to share in the journey of so many mothers has been such a tremendous honor. With Mother’s Day still in the air at Maggie’s Place, I’d like to highlight some of the crazy mom feats I’ve been so privileged to witness, and share some of my favorite and most inspiring memories I have of them.

  • —A mother of twins who had to take the bus every day. The process went something like this: take out one car seat, set it in the bus; take out the other car seat, set it in the bus; fold up the stroller, set it in the bus; somehow manage to carry both children and the stroller to an available seat. And all that in the Arizona heat!
  • —Community night with moms and MissionCorps gathered around the table; laughing so hard that a mom just home from the hospital after a C-section, starts to hold her stomach with a very worried look and tells us all to stop laughing or we’ll make her “bust a stitch”.
  • —Experienced moms coaching younger, first-time moms on how to hold a baby, and what to expect during pregnancy and birth.
  • —Another mom who had a medical condition and was told that carrying her child to term could put her life at risk. She chose not to terminate her baby and spent long stints in the hospital during her pregnancy. When it came time for her to give birth, she was closely monitored. Thankfully all went well. A few weeks later, she went into a 5 hour surgery for her medical condition. A little over a week after her surgery, she came home to an incredibly handsome baby boy to remind her that she’s awesome and that her sacrifice was well worth it!
  • —Young, first-time moms who are still pregnant, holding a baby and gazing at it, anxious to hold her own.
  • —So many of the moms waking up at 5:00 a.m., after only a few hours of interrupted sleep to care for their baby. Then taking the bus to go out for a long day of working, searching for employment or attending classes.


The sacrifices these moms make continually amaze me, and I am always touched by their infinite love for their babies and willingness to help other moms out along the way.

By Malia Furtado, MissionCorps Member at The Elizabeth House