I started my summer volunteer experience as a MissionCorps member on May 14th and just celebrated my one month anniversary here as the Donations and House Operations Coordinator. Being able to witness the other Corps members, who are such calm problem solvers and loving friends to the moms, has been such a blessing to me these past four weeks.

Not long into being here, I realized I had a lot of work to do to in trying to explain Maggie’s Place to my friends and family back home. While I’ve been taking diligent notes, there is nothing quite like being able to experience the love and hospitality that is Maggie’s Place for yourself.

It is amazing to see how everything operates in order to best serve the moms and babies who call Maggie’s Place home. The Fiat House (Moms’ Outreach Center and Coordinating Offices) keeps up a steady communications with all of the homes, and the homes are in constant contact as well. From the community guidelines to Monday MissionCorps meetings, it seems like Maggie’s Place has thought of everything!

Maggie’s Place truly cares about their clients which is obvious by the way everyone affectionately refers to them as moms. Each mom is loved before they even step into one of our homes. The genuine care and support that is poured into these moms is absolutely amazing, and it is even more amazing to see how this support helps each mom to flourish.

I know I have some work to do on my own personal faith journey and servitude, but I thank God that I have been put here to learn from the best.


By Beth Sheridan, a Summer Corps member