Maggie’s Place works with the most vulnerable of populations: women experiencing poverty and their fragile infants and children. People ask how we accomplish what we do. We are devoted to providing life changing programs and services and are guided by what we call the Six Pillars of Support. They spell out what we do, why we do it and how we accomplish being a source of hope to homeless women and their children during the critical times of pregnancy and following birth. They are the things most important to ensure success and self sufficiency.

Safe And Secure Shelter

Our number one goal has always been to provide a safe and secure shelter for our moms. In early 1999, five young women made a commitment to one another to live together and to create a home that could welcome women in need in their community.  This spark of an idea grew into the vision of Maggie’s Place.  The women spent months laying the groundwork. Maggie’s Place was born nine months after construction began when the magdalene2010_20x185house welcomed its first mothers. That home, The Magdalene House, is the first of Maggie’s Place six homes and today it houses six mothers and their infants.  The Mary House transitional apartments, The Elizabeth House, The Michael House, The Hannah House and The Zechariah House in Ohio provide shelter all over the Valley and Ohio. 

Providing shelter and all that entails including transportation, food, clothing and other basic needs, is the underlying premise behind this first pillar.



Improving Family Relations

Maggie’s Place works hard to enhance the lives of our mothers and babies as well as their larger family units through building, maintaining and constantly improving a network of family support services. We have found powerful ways to help families become resilient, stay together and change their lives. This pillar includes individual, group and family counseling as well as evidence based trauma support and parenting groups for families.

Families are engaged in six key areas: job readiness, mental and behavioral health, physical health, improving relationships, social connections and early learning. Other support groups include healthy relationships and 12-step peer led addiction groups. We also make use of Art Healing Class and VOICE-a 24-week course on life skills and building self esteem.

Child Development and EnrichmentJoanne-Blog-Thumb

Since Maggie’s Place ultimate goal is to have our mothers living successful, independent lives, it is imperative that we address skills around development and enrichment of their children. We use evidence-based positive parenting practices classes and one-on-one consultations. Moms learn car seat and crib safety with car seats and pack and plays provided. Hearing, vision and developmental screening for children from birth to five is provided along with family coaching for helping children reach those milestones. There are infant and child safety classes and also brain development classes.

Our next blogs focuses on the additional three pillars: Family Resource Center, Social Connections and Job Readiness.