What do I love about our moms? I feel as though I can go on for days about this. But I will just share a couple short stories about some amazingly loving moms here at The Zechariah House!
One of our moms, Amanda, could tell that I was having a really stressful, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. She came up and gave me a hug, and then asked if I wanted to take some time and just play with her baby boy, Ryan. My first thought was, “I don’t have time for this. Do you have any idea how much stuff I need to get done?” But after holding Ryan and seeing him smile at me, I realized it was just what I needed and no matter how many “things” there are to get done, there is always time for a smile and laugh from a sweet babe. Babies have no concept of time, or things that we need to get done. All they know is that when we smile at them, they smile back at us.
Maggie’s Place mom Dana and I are avid Cleveland Browns fans. And yes, we understand that this means we are usually disappointed. We acknowledge that living in Cleveland means that we live in a Factory of Sadness. However, we have found great fun watching the games on Sunday afternoons, even though no one else in the house likes or cares about watching football. We laugh, yell, celebrate, shake our heads in shame and dismay, and sometimes even cry (I’m not saying whether these are tears of happiness or sadness). I love that I get to share my Sunday afternoons with her!
At Maggie’s Place each Corps member has a “contact mom” that we meet with once a week.  My first contact mom recently moved out, and that was really hard for me. She was so polite, and kind, considerate, and a true joy to have as my first contact mom. When she had her little boy, she sent me the information right away to let me know. She also told me she was sad that she had to share me as a contact person with my other contact mom. That warmed my heart.
The moms here at The Zechariah House are such a different group of women, and because of their differences, it makes it such a journey every day. No two moms are alike, and it is such a beautiful thing. They all express love in such different ways, from sitting and watching Disney movies as a house at the end of a tiring Work Saturday, to cooking dinner for the on-duty Mission Corps Member (me =)) when they have extra food left over. I love living life and loving our moms!
Written by Jasmine, a MissionCorps Member