halloween2It was quite the menagerie that showed up to the Maggie’s Place Halloween Party this past weekend. Current and alumnae moms, staff, MissionCorps, and of course lots of extra cute, extra chubby, extra energetic kids dressed in their Halloween best came together to do one of the things Maggie’s Place does best: celebrate. As was to be expected, The Magdalene House went all out to once again host a party that was a smashing success. Activities ranged from bobbing for apples to fishing for goodies. I personally was able to enjoy a solid 45 minutes of playing Frisbee and catch with some alumnae kids (I mean, Spiderman and a princess of course). I also had the pleasure of meeting some moms I hadn’t yet met and holding some of my favorite guppies I hadn’t seen in a spell.

The afternoon was great fun. The best part, however, wasn’t the pizza, treats, games, or even the costumes. The best part of it all was that it didn’t just feel like a Halloween party. It felt like one great big family reunion!

-Malia, MissionCorps Member