“Patience is a virtue.”

I, like many others, grew up hearing this phrase as a catch-all for whenever I was antsy, in a rush, or simply wanting instant gratification. I never really questioned it, taking to heart that patience was indeed a virtue, one that I did not possess as a child!

As I grew older my ability to practice my patience increased. I learned that patience was a gift of the Holy Spirit. I thought this virtue was pretty well-tuned, until I came to Maggie’s Place. It was here that I truly learned the meaning of patience.

In the Maggie’s Place homes, we strive to do everything with love. As humans, we sometimes miss the mark – but we are very careful to try our absolute best. We do this for many, many reasons, but one of the main ones is so that we can plant seeds. We plant seeds of compassion, of productivity, of gratitude and hospitality, of cleanliness, of empathy, of community and simplicity. We try to sow good seeds, and foster an environment where they can take root. But, most of the time, that is where our role ends. We often do not see the fruit, the vine, or even the seedling. But seeds take time to grow, as do hearts and souls. That is where the real patience comes in. Without our faith, this patience would be impossible; but that is where the Holy Spirit intercedes, and helps us to persevere.

Life at Maggie’s Place is not easy, but it is beautiful. It’s messy and it is real. But with patience, faith, and a lot of love, it is an incredible journey, for each woman who comes through our doors.

Sarah, MissionCorps Member