blogI received my undergraduate degree at a university well-known for its engineering program. I, however, received a degree in Psychology – so you could say my homework didn’t require that I solve as many problems as other students on campus. All the same, I really like when solutions to life’s dilemmas are reached. Within the dynamic day-to-day atmosphere of Maggie’s Place, some of those life dilemmas become pretty relevant. The struggle to find work and daycare, conflict resolution with other individuals, and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle are all hurdles that really don’t always have clear, immediate answers. But even among the waiting and the setbacks, God’s loving and guiding hand has a way of revealing itself at some of the most unexpected and crucial times.

A new mom moved into our house on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary – what a beautiful way to show honor to Mary on one of her feast days, I thought. Welcoming a mom into our home is always a rather exciting occasion. This time was no different. As we drove up to the house, the mom was undeniably nervous – uncertain about what to expect and probably questioning what life would be like with this new change. Her fears seemed to subside when we walked her into the room she would be staying in. The mother began to cry tears of overwhelming relief and gratitude as she realized that not only was this new home a safe space, but also one where a comfortable bed and furnished room was waiting just for her, a home where many of her accomplishments would be achieved.

I was so thankful to witness this moment of the mom moving in. It brought me clarity and gratitude knowing that this first step in Maggie’s Place – moving in – is a solution to one of life’s most basic needs. We may not be able to solve every problem, but together, and through gaining increased hope and confirmation from the problems we are able to solve, the other burdens become a little less overwhelming and a little more achievable.

Rebecca Kirch, MissionCorps member